New Patient Information

The American Optometric Association recommends that children age six to 18 and adults age 18 to 60 with no symptoms or risks of eye disease have their eyes examined every two years. For children and adults who are risk for eye disease the recommendation increases to every year or as recommended by your doctor.

Before your arrive for your first exam, we'll ask you to fill out our new patient packet. The information provided tells us about any health problems you may have, medications you may be taking or any environmental conditions that may affect your vision.

During your first visit, we'll start by asking you to read letters off a chart to measure your visual acuity. We may also conduct tests to evaluate your visual function, eye health, depth perception, color vision, eye muscle movement, peripheral or side vision and the way your pupils respond to light.

The results of these tests may lead us to additional tests to either confirm or rule out problems and allow us to conduct a more in-depth assessment. Click here  to read more about the tests included in our typical eye examinations.